The Actor’s Guide, Southeast (which began in 1992 as Acting In Atlanta), was initially created to fill the lack of reliable information available for professional actors to everyday folks seeking on-camera work in commercials, film, or industrial productionw, but locally, not in Los Angeles or New York. It wasn’t long before the entire region became one common market, still with significant differences from the major markets, about which most of the acting business pubs are written. Add to this the number of kids that express a desire to act and the lack of information for their parents, and the need for even more specialized assistance begins to appear.

Talent is the minimum that required to be able to support yourself as an actor; just as important is an understanding of the needs of those that hire you, represent you, and also offer you there services to support your career, such as headshot photographers and training organizations. The Actor’s Guide, both in printed pub form and online Industry Directory, strive to provide a reliable, credible, accurate information source to assist actors (and parents of actors) in their constant quest to stay informed.

As an actor or parent of a child actor, we invite you to take advantage of all the Actor’s Guide can provide you. As an industry professional, we ask you to create your listing and keep it up to date, allowing the rest of us to both stay aware of your presence and be able to contact you in the way you’d like.

Together, we can work to create and maintain a central, reliable, and useful information resource to support the entire southeastern market…and beyond.


R. Kay Butler, Content Editor
Nan McElroy, co-author and Tech Manager