Holiday Opportunities

December 9, 2008 – 5:38 pm

While you’re out shopping for holiday gifts don’t forget to give yourself a gift too. New business!

During December, most industry organizations throw a holiday party for their members and guests. It’s a great chance to meet up and begin or strengthen relationships with the folks who can cast you, in an informal non-business setting.

After all, most of this business is about relationships: people getting to know people. But here’s a hint: Less is more. When you meet that producer, casting director, or agent, for the first time, don’t shove your business card, headshot and resume in their faces. If they ask, fine. If not, don’t bring it up.

This is a time to share seasonal goodwill and get to know one another, so be respectful. Show genuine interest in others, don’t just fake it. Be able to hold a conversation about something other than your work. And remember, these parties are about taking a break and having some fun. That goes for you too!

To make sure you don’t miss an important get together, I’ve listed some organizations from around the region that are having holiday functions below. Click through to check out their info.

Happy Holidays!

R Kay

  • WIFV Washington, DC, for members and non-members:

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