Enhance Your Listing

We offer listings that can be displayed in four different ways, one of which will suit the needs of your business as an industry professional. All listings are organized by region and type of business or service.

There is no charge for the Basic Listing, that includes business name, address, phone, address, a short description, and contact personnel. However, ENHANCED LISTING OPTIONS are available for a range of fees, and include web address, color text, 1500-wd description, e-mail contact, logo, graphics, and more. You can choose and pay for your yearly enhancement from within the listing update form. Enhanced listing options are automatically renewed.

  • Business name, address
  • Tel and fax numbers
  • Contact names
  • web site address
  • 150-character description
  • alpha-order display
ENHANCED All the above, plus:  

  • Business name bold and in purple, for additional prominence
  • 1500-word description
  • E-mail contact link if requested
  • Priority display in any given list
$35 / year   

Limited time:

ENHANCED LOGO All the above, plus:  

  • Business name in bold and teal
  • Company Logo graphic (300 pixels max width)
  • Display precedence over Basic and Enhanced listing.
$65 / year   

Limited time:
$55 / year

ENHANCED GRAPHIC All the above, plus:  

  • Business name in bold and orange
  • Image gallery with up to 10 images of your choice
  • Display precedence over Basic, Enhanced, and Enhanced Logo in any listing.
$95 / year   

Limited time:
$85 / year

NOTE: We do not list actors in our database, only resources that serve actors.

Click to see samples of enhanced listing displays.