Listing Criteria

I N D U S T R Y   D I R E C T O R Y   L I S T I N G    C R I T E R I A    

This directory is creating to serve the professional actor, and those seeking to be one. So, to distinguish ourselves from the phone book, the “actors needed no experience necessary” classified ads, and the myriad of listings (paid and otherwise) compiled on the internet, we’ve set down the basic listing criteria below. Please review that which applies to your professional category before submitting your listing request.


Must have been in business for one year. Must have a significant on-camera/broadcast division and principal booking history (as opposed to print/modeling). Must not offer classes or training for which they charge talent, or that are a requirement for signing. Must not have photographers on staff or conduct paid talent contests.

REFERENCES: Submit names of two professional casting directors with whom you have recently worked.


Must have been in business for one year and have recent casting credits (also within one year). Must not conduct paid talent contests.

REFERENCES: Submit names of two professional talent agents with whom you have recently worked.


We do not evaluate headshot photography, but let talent agencies do it, since they rely on headshot photographers that produce consistent work and stay apprised of headshot trends. So, you must have been doing headshot photography for at least one year, and be referred by two or more regional talent agents.

REFERENCES: please submit names of two referring agents via contact for or e-mail).


This list is compiled from referrals by headshot photographers, or that can be verified by consistent results over time from satisfied customers.


Arts Councils
Film & Video-Related
Film Offices/Commission 


This listing contains recording studios that offer discount studio rates for voice-demo recording.

Talent understands that they are subject to adhoc rescheduling for a client paying full price, and will be charged a penalty for cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.


Non-profit professional theatre companies (actors must be monetarily compensated). Please include Equity contract specifications, personnel to be contacted by actors for submissions, and casting information.


We like to keep this list as complete as possible. Must be in business for over one year. We do not list talent agencies that charge for training or schools that function as talent agencies. While we would never presume to evaluate the quality of any training offered, any organization with a verifiably poor ethical reputation from wide variety of sources will not be listed.


See above.


We highlight universities that have departments or programs of study for drama and acting, as well as media production, so that actors have the opportunity to participate not only in theatre productions but acquire on-camera experience as well.


Online resources for actors; profit and non-profit, without a brick-and-mortar location. No talent contests.