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Got an audition to announce? Post it here.

Whether you’re producing a student film, a corporate video, or the Next Big Thing, make sure the right actors know about the roles you’re casting. Maybe you’re an agent only looking for that last, hard-to-cast role. Print? No prob. Voice-over work? Post all the details for when, what, and where here.

You can specify whether talent can contact you directly, or whether you only want to hear from the agents who represent them. Let them know where they can download sides, whether you accept video auditions and how to submit them. Whether it’s a union shoot, and if not, what their compensation is.

The submitted auditions will be reviewed (we’re prudish about porn, you know), and then posted by date and category.

To submit your notice, FILL IN THE INFORMATION BELOW as completely as possible. If you have questions, please e-mail us at