HOW: The Actor’s Guides

Whether you’re already an actor, or just thinking about becoming oneand you need reliable information on what it takes to pursue on-camera work in the Southeast region and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s an agent? Do I need one? How do I get work in independent film? Should I go straight to L.A.? What’s a slate?

These are just a few of the entry-level questions anyone might have who’s ever thought of doing a commercial, much less working in film or television. The only problem is, the answers to these, among other questions, can be hard to come by. Agents don’t have time, classes are designed more to help you be a better actor, and, well, the alternative might involve pestering those who already have experience, with the result being hearsay and partial truths.

Get the Right Guide

Before you get a headshot, before you look for an agent, even before you take a class,  you need the information that will help you decide if you’d even like to pursue this work. Get the Actor’s Guide that’s right for you: the original Actor’s Guide, Southeast will give you the heads-up on what it takes to make a living as an on-camera actor anywhere in the entire southeast region. There’s also the Actor’s Guide for Kids, which is actually more for parents as, until your children are no longer minors, it will be critical you understand what’s involved in all aspects of what they’ll be doing.

Take It to the Bank

Any professional in this field will tell you that understanding what the business is made up of, what is expected of you, and what you can expect is easily as important as being a talented actor when it comes to having what it takes to not only supporting yourself, but becoming truly successful as a working actor.

Let the Actor’s Guides get you off on the right foot…without you’re having to “break a leg.”