The Actor’s Guide FOR KIDS

I was a childrens’ agent in Los Angeles for fourteen years. You’re already on the right track by picking up this book.

— Suzi Smith, THE CAST GROUP

This comprehensive handbook will guide parents step-by-step through establishing a successful acting career for their child. Filled with nuts-and-bolts information most parents must stumble on by accident, there is sound advice on how to avoid the myriad of monetary pitfalls and scams, how to tell if this work is right for your child along with the sacrifices required of both parents and children. From finding an agent to booking his first job, this guide is filled with valuable information, hints and insights. You’ll refer to it again and again!

A Comprehensive Handbook for Parents




WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN The Actor’s Guide for KIDS

Clear, honest, and comprehensive answers to all your questions, with information on a host of subjects: 


On Getting Your  Child in Show Business On Understanding the Unions

. What to Expect           
. Getting started: Can you afford it? 
. Training
. Headshots/resumes

. What is a union?           
. Terms to know 
. Should I join? When?
. What is a Right-to-work state?
 On Finding and Keeping an Agent  On Auditioning

. How to find a good agent
. Responsibilties of on agent/actor
. Exclusivity
. Agent pet peeves

. Your first audition
. Tips and recommendation
. Types of auditions; callbacks
. Keeping casting directors happy
 On Bookings After the Shoot

. Your first job
. Talent duties on set 
. Terms to know, rules & regs
. Billing

. Your responsibilities
. Recommendations 
. Getting paid
. Keeping track
 On Working with a Manager Hollywood or Bust

. Do I need a manger? When?
. Pros and cons

. Are you sure you’re ready?
. Considerations and preparation




A comprehensive book for guiding parents and children through the show business industry. A must-read for anyone getting started!
Cynthia Bynum, Film & Video Specialist
Jacksonville Film & Television Comm.

This is a book that is sorely needed. It gives all the information necessary to maximize your child’s chances of finding roles and opportunities.
Rex Hauck, Producer/Writer
American Artists Film Corp.

Jen and Brenda have combined their many years of experience to produce this informative guide book. This is the best I’ve seen about getting kids started in the business.
Rebecca Shrager, President/Senior Agent
People Store, Inc.


JEN KELLEY began her career in 1992 as a talent agent for children in Los Angeles. She was one of the founding agents of the successful youth division for Talent Group, Inc., representing talent on numberous sitcoms, feature films, and national commercials. She currently lives in Atlanta and is an agent for both children and adults at People Store, Inc. 

BRENDA KROCHMAL is a veteran teacher with over 20 years experience working with children, teaching classes in theater as well as preparing them for Off-Broadway showcases. She has also spent several years on film and television sets with her daughter. Brenda is currently a writer living in Atlanta, GA.