The Actor’s Guide SOUTHEAST

Now what?

Before you can consider seeking work in film, commercial or corporate television, you must have a solid understanding of how the business works, and what will be expected of YOU. The Actor’s Guide, Southeast is designed to do just that, with complete explanations of all the players, all the possibilities, your responsibilities…all the info you need to get you going, and then some.

Recommended by professionals throughout the region…just ask them!

Your Complete Introduction to the Regional Film & Television Market

The Guide offers complete answers to questions like these:

  • I really want to give it a shot as a film & television actor. Where do I start?
  • What makes a good headshot (and where do I get one)?
  • OK. I’m ready to leave New York. What kind of work is available for an actor down south?
  • Where can I get the training I need?
  • I hear there’s money in voice-over. Is it true?
  • How do I get an audition?
  • Even if I’m really, really, good… what kind of work is there? And how much?
  • What’s the difference between and agent and a casting director, and what do they expect from me?
  • I’m ready to more to L.A. What should I think about first?
  • My 6-year-old says she wants to be an actress. NOW what?!?
  • What should I put on my resume?
  • My background’s on stage. How do I get commercial work?

This book will not make you a star! It is instead, a concise, complete, and realistic introduction to what is involved in working as on-camera actor in the southeastern region. It addresses all the questions of the novice, as well as the experienced theatre or relocating actor. The Actor’s Guide also includes special chapters on voice-over and the children’s market.

In publication since 1992. For the second edition, we conducted numerous interviews with a variety of professionals who live and work throughout the region, adding a great deal of personal insight into the particular workings of the business. There’s information on the effect of the digital revolution, an update on the regional independent film market, and an entire chapter on maintaining your sanity and integrity while working in a profession whose success depends so much on how others perceive you.

Some Excerpts from the Actor’s Guide:

Your ability to survive in this business has much more to do with the kind of person you are than the kind of actor you are. If there’s anyone more vulnerable to an unprincipled agent than an unwitting, inexperienced actor, it’s the unwitting, inexperienced parent of a child actor.
Your headshot should look like you look — or, like you look when you’re having a really wonderful day. Don’t neglect your training. Nobody will want to hear you play a solo if you don’t even bother to keep your instrument in tune.
One final note on your resume: never lie. Save your imagination for when it will do you the most good — in front of the camera.

Don’t be rude, ever, unless you don’t want to work, ever.


What the experts say about the Actor’s Guide.

Excellent! Clearly written, properly organized, easily-used inexpensive information every actor needs.
– Kathy Hardegree, Owner & Senior Agent, ATLANTA MODELS & TALENT

Fabulous! I wish everyone who’s come to me had read this book first. It answers basic questions about getting started or relocating that I field on the phone every day. I want a big stack on my desk so I can give one to every actor who comes into my office.
– Linda Newcomb, Sr. Agent, JTA TALENT, Charlotte

Really helps our students understand the business of acting, especially how to market themselves in the Southeast region. A very practical book — tells you what and who you need to know.
– Della Cole & Bob Harter, yourACT On-Camera Acting Classes

We’ve been needing this for years! All the information you need in a single location.
– Al Hamacher, Alliance Theatre Acting Pgm

Buy this book, take it home and use it. It’s straightforward and packed with a ton of useful, relevent, and (most importantly) up-to-date information.
– Steve Coulter, Actor, instructor, writer, director

Although I do recommend other books to my students, yours is THE book I insist they purchase first and foremost if they never buy another book this year.

Valuable information compiled in one book. A wise investment in your career!

Fabulous! A wonderful benefit to anyone in this business.
– Judith Sullivan, voice-talent, training, THE COMMUNICATING VOICE

The format is beautifully presented..I have recommend it to my students as well as fellow performers.
– Carol Bacall, private acting/voice coach

Additionally endorsed by…

Annette Stilwell, Annette Stilwell Casting, Atlanta
Mitzi Corrigan, Paige Johnston, Corrigan and Johnston Casting, Charlotte
Rebecca Shrager, The People Store, Atlanta
Traci Brevard, Brevard Talent, Orlando
Jimmi McCarter, The Cannon Group, Nashville
Lori Wyman, Lori Wyman Casting, Miami


Mari Lynn Henry, Co-author HOW TO BE A WORKING ACTOR